Learn To Fly With Us!

       A great way to get your feet wet as a new pilot is to take a Discovery Flight.  

We offer a couple of options:





R22 Flight Instruction.jpg

Discovery Flight in Robinson R22

The R22 is the most popular ship for training purposes.  It is a two seat helicopter that is affordable for students looking to get started.  This price includes 30 minutes of classroom instruction with a Certified Flight Instructor and 30 minutes of dual flight time with an instructor.  This is flight time that can be logged towards your private pilot's license!  


Discovery Flight in Robinson R44

The R44 is a 4 seat helicopter that we use for all of our commercial tour and charter services.  If you are interested in being a commercial pilot, training in the R44 is a good way to log hours that will serve you as a commercial pilot.  It is a heavier ship with more power and ability.  Also, if you are a student who weighs over 250 lbs the R22 is not an option for you, as it is not rated for heavier passengers.  But the R44 is!  

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