After 27 years in the helicopter business,  we have come to get a sense of some of the most common professional services needed here in Atlanta.  Though we are always open to cater to your individual needs, listed below are some of the most popular commercial services we offer businesses in the Atlanta area.

Aerial Photography


Prestige Helicopters has helped photographers capture some of Atlanta's most spectacular skylines. We offer a gyro stabalized platform mount for our helicopters.  It can easily mount in the backseat of a R-44 or on any floor as seen here.  Whether you are shooting motion or still shots,  our gyro mount from Aerial Exposures will give you that smooth as glass shot you are looking for!  The mount rents for $100/hr.  $500/day(8 hrs.) with a $50 installation fee.


Powerline/Pipeline Patrol


There is no more efficient way to survey pipelines and powerlines hands down.  We have worked with a number of oil and energy providers to maintnence breaks in their lines through the years.

Frost Protection


A late spring frost can be the difference between success and failure in the growing season.  Using our R-22 helicopters, we are able to hover above a farmer's crop to keep the ice from forming.  This service is a small price to pay when compared to the cost of losing an entire season's crop.

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