If you are new to flying helicopters and are trying to decide if you want to persue your pilot's license, come in for a Discovery Flight.  It Consists of a half hour of ground school and a half hour  of flight time in a  Robinson R-22 for only $199.00!!  


Certified Instructors For All Ratings


Private / Commercial / Instrument / CFI / CFII

















**These are the FAA minimum requirements for pilots' ratings.  However number of hours before  of certification is achieved, is individual to each student.



  • Minimum 17 Years Old to Take Flight Test (age 16 for Student Pilot & Solo) -Can Begin Training at Any Age

  • Must Read, Write, Understand, and Speak English

  • Obtain a FAA Medical Certificate (Prior to first Solo Flight)

  • Pass an FAA Written "Knowledge Test" (Prior to Taking FAA Practical Flight Test)

  • Complete 40 hours Minimum Flight Time Including 10 hrs of Solo Flight (See details below)

  • Pass an FAA Oral and Practical Flight Test



  • Must Be At Least 18 Years Old to Take the Commercial Helicopter Practical Flight Test

  • Already hold a Helicopter Private (or higher) Pilot Certificate 

  • Hold a Current 3rd Class (or higher) FAA Medical Certificate

  • Minimum of 150 hours of Flight Time, 100 hours of which must be in Powered Aircraft 50 hours in Helicopters

  • Minimum of 100 hours of Pilot-in-Command (PIC) Time, 35 Minimum in a Helicopter A Helicopter Instrument Rating is not Required

  • 10 Hours of Instrument Training in an Aircraft is Required

  • FAA Written Exam Required for Those Who Hold a Commercial Airplane Certificate

  • Pass the Commercial Helicopter FAA Oral and Practical Flight Test



  • FAA minimum 

  • 40 hours of instrument instruction.



  • FAA minimum,

  • must hold a current commercial rotorcraft license.



  • FAA minimum

  • Must hold a current CFI and instrument rating.




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